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Cridone Cridone 24 May 2019

The Devil Came Through Here Wiki Presents: The Parrot Snatchers, an Unfinished Freeware Remigiusz Michalski Adventure Game

TheWiki presents...

Before the release of Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game on June 16, 2009 which officiliazed the Harvester Games name and was R. Michalski's first commercial release, he was experimenting with AGS for years before then, even since he was a kid, simply making games for fun. Fortunately for us, he released the first "finished" (relatively speaking) game he ever made on May 28, 2010 - eleven months after the release of the original Downfall - as freeware with the caveat that it's messy and not exactly the most polished experience.

If you've played every game - or at least most - made by Harvester Games, however, I'd imagine it might be at least interesting to give this little shard of Harvester Games history at least a few minute…

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