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Template:Character infobox Bryan Palmer[1] is a spiteful man who lives in Flat 6.


Bryan is rude and irritable. He cares only for himself and takes out his anger on others, whether it was their fault or not. He hates animals and hates Susan Ashworth for playing the piano at night. Being a bitter person, he never seems to be nice to anybody, although Susan speculates that maybe once he had a wife, but she may have left him or died. Despite his hostility toward Susan, he is not a Parasite. He is also the one who called pest control on Susan and may have asked for them to 'deal with her'. The Pest Control Man mentions that he was told about Susan causing a lot of noise as well as she looks exactly as she was 'described'.

In Chapter 4, Susan guesses that Bryan works as a train operator.

The Cat Widow[]

Susan uses the legend of The Cat Widow to get payback on Bryan. She turns on his model train, turns off the water to his sink, writes ominous words all over his walls and doors in red paint, and approaches him while wearing a tattered black dress and white mask. The experience scares him so badly that he wets himself and passes out.

Later, Susan says that Bryan probably figured out who the actress was, but he would be too proud to say that he had been scared by a woman.


There is a Steam achievement called Go Fuck Yourself that can be unlocked by standing up to him and telling him off in Chapter 3.


  1. His name is spelled "Bryan" in the dialogue and the credits, but is spelled "Brian" in Susan's map of the apartment building.