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Template:Character infobox The "Carpenter" is the fourth Parasite in The Cat Lady. He is unnamed throughout chapter 5 in which he appears. However, Remigiusz Michalski has referred to him as the Carpenter.[1]


The Carpenter does not speak in the game; he only grunts and uses hand gestures in order to get a point across or tell a command.

Depiction in the game[]

He rings the doorbell at Susan's apartment and presents a bunch of flowers while holding a hammer. He drops the flowers and steps on them before striking Susan with the hammer. Later, Susan and her roommate, Mitzi Hunt are tied up with duct tape in the bathtub. At this moment, Susan starts telling Mitzi the story about her daughter and husband's deaths (achievement "Nettles" possible to reach if you pick right texts when talking with Susan's admirer by phone).

The Carpenter returns to take Mitzi and hang her in the living room. He frees Susan and points at the piano, indicating that she play the piano for him. Susan starts playing and a group of stray cats come to her apartment. They pounce on the man and attack him viciously before eating him. Susan frees Mitzi and tells her to look away from the cats mauling the dead man.


  • There is a theory that he is the man who had called Susan when she was younger and left her the flowers. No real evidence for this appears though, aside from the Carpenter randomly showing up on Susan's door shortly before she tells Mitzi about her past, and Remigiusz Michalski has refused to answer.