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The stray cats live somewhere around Susan Ashworth's apartment building. Susan shares a special bond with them, and they go to her apartment when they hear her playing the piano.

Depiction in the game[]

In the Prologue, Susan says that the cats are her only friends. She names Teacup, a black cat.

Susan reveals a softer side of her personality when she talks to her cats and feeds the cats affectionately in Chapter 3.

In Chapter 4, the cats are in danger when the Pest Control Man comes to capture them and take them to his house, where his wife Gladys butchers animals and humans that her husband brings home.

When Susan asks Mitzi Hunt why she decided to pick the lock on her apartment door, Mitzi says the cats were yowling loudly with a strangely human cry among the noise.

In Chapter 5, the non-verbal fourth Parasite inadvertently causes his own death when he directs Susan to play the piano. The cats arrive and attack the man, mauling him.Template:Clr



Teacup is a black cat whom Susan is very fond of. In the Prologue, he watches her when she attempts suicide by medication overdose, as if he "knew".

In Chapter 3, Susan calls him a good friend for coming to see her and asking for nothing in return, and she envies his happy lifestyle.

Teacup is a playable character in Chapter 4. He retrieves a key that Susan uses to unlock the shackles on her, even though she is still unable to escape the house.


  • The receptionist reveals in Downfall Remake that Teacup and Lucifer are actually the same cats, with different incarnations.
  • In Downfall Remake there's a big painting with him called "Teacup, the keys master".
  • Midnight is said to be one of his incarnations.
  • Midnight is also the name of a black cat in the horror game Fran Bow.