Devil Came Through Here Wiki

A comprehensive list of the dialogue of Joe Davis.

The Cat Lady[]

Flat 3[]

  • "What?..."
  • "Jesus... No..."
  • "What have you done?..."
  • "You stupid... evil... bitch."
  • "Who are you?"

First Branch[]

If the player selects "I'm sorry.. the door was open..."

  • "You took her away didn't you?"
  • "What has she ever done to you?!?"
  • "Yeah... I see..."
  • "That stupid cat..."
  • "I've been looking for it, too."
  • "Little bastard took off with my key."
  • "I'm gonna rip him to pieces..."

If the players selects "I... I'm the gas inspector... there is a leak somewhere..."

  • "Is that so?"
  • "I can't smell any gas here."
  • "How odd..."
  • "I think you're lying..."
  • "You took here away didn't you?"
  • "What has she ever done to you?!?"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "I won't let you trick me again!"
  • "Did THEY send you?"
  • "THEY think I'll fall for these lies... but I'm smarter than this..."
  • "I know what you're up to..."

Second Branch[]

Regardless of what the player chooses, Joe will say the same thing.

  • "And I've gotta a gun."
  • "I can shoot you. Right there, in your heart."
  • "Of course you haven't got a heart... isn't that right?"

Third Branch[]

If the player selects "Calm down... I'll go now and we'll forget all about this..."

  • "There's nowhere to go..."
  • "It's all wrong, no matter what I do... Damn it!"

If the player selects "Stay where you are!!! Don't come any closer!!!"

  • "I would never hurt her... I only wanted to..."
  • "I was trying to help, for God's sake!"

If the player selects "MITZI!?! ARE YOU THERE? I NEED HELP!"

  • "I tried calling for help, too."
  • "No one ever comes."
  • "Just the devil."

Full Stop[]

Regardless of which branch the player went down, Joe will say the same thing before taking chase.


Quiet Haven Hotel[]

Once Susan enters Joe's hotel room.

  • "Come in, come in!"
  • "There's no need to be afraid. I... I don't bite."
  • "Come in already! I might need your help with something..."

Regardless of what the player chooses, they will end up choosing "You need my help? I thought you wanted to kill me!"

  • "Why would I want to kill YOU?"
  • "You must be mistaken. Who do you think I am?..."

If the player selects "...A man who paints on walls with blood?"

  • "Blood?..."
  • "It was just red paint..."
  • "What made you think it was blood? That's crazy!"

If the player selects "...A self-obsessed, schizophrenic wife-killer?""

  • "What?!? You thought I... No, no, no..."
  • "I'd never hurt my wife!"
  • "All this time I've just been trying to save her!"
  • "Why wouldn't you?"

If the player selects "...A complete psycho?!?"

  • "Look, I've got enough on my mind right now..."
  • "I... I just need you to talk some sense into my wife, that's all."

If the player selects "Sorry, I must've gotten the wrong idea..."

  • "It happens to me somtimes."
  • "I've been known to be a bit... intimidating. I guess."
  • "But I'm not a violent person."
  • "I mean, I will use violence if I'm pushed against the wall..."
  • "Do you know what I mean?"

First Branch[]

If the player selects "Where are we?..."

  • "I can't really remember the name of this town..."
  • "But I'm pretty sure the hotel is called Quiet Haven."
  • "I know. It's a joke!"
  • "They shouldn't charge half the price for this dump, if you ask me..."

If the player selects "This is all just a dream... right?"

  • "It's funny that you would say that."
  • "I've already heard that somewhere today..."
  • "But if this is a dream... I've been asleep for a very long time."

If the player selects "I'm sorry, I just want to leave...""

  • "Yes, I understand."
  • "I wouldn't stay here myself if it was my decision to make..."
  • "I'm stuck here, too. You see..."
  • "My wife Ivy is in the room to the left."
  • "She's... a little fragile at the moment."
  • "She said she was going to do her make-up."
  • "...but it's been a week now. Maybe longer."
  • "Every time I try to talk to her she just gets.... angry... and tells me she's not done yet."
  • "I've cooked her a meal but she ignores me."
  • "She never likes what I cook..."
  • "If you talk to her, I'll show you the way out."
  • "I promise."
  • "Just go in there and tell her... Tell her she looks fine"
  • "She's always so careful about looking perfect..."

If the player selects "So... your wife's been in that room for a week?...""

  • "Now that you bring this up, I think it might've been a month..."
  • "She wants to look great. I guess it takes time, but we really have to go now..."
  • "I think there's a big storm coming"
  • "I feel it in my bones..."

Full Stop[]

After the face of a "monster" shows up in the mirrors.

  • "No..."
  • "NO, NO, NO!!!"
  • "This isn't Ivy!!"
  • "This isn't my wife..."
  • "It's the monster... it followed me here..."
  • "It always follows me, no matter what I do..."
  • "You must kill it."
  • "You've still got that power lead, haven't you?"
  • "The one you stole from me."
  • "You must use it to kill her... to strangle her."
  • "DO IT."

If the player chooses "I... you leave me no choice..."

  • "Go ahead..."
  • "Wrap it 'round her neck and pull it tight..."
  • "Yes... there is no other way."

If the player chooses "Kill me if you want, but I won't do that!"

  • "You're with her... I should've guessed."
  • "I can't trust you."
  • "You're better off dead."


  • "It's just you and me, my love."
  • "No one will find us here..."
  • "Stop worrying, Ivy... It will be all right..."
  • "I will always love you... You know that."
  • "I'm gonna make you all better."