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The Downfall 2016 Soundtrack was composed by Michal "micAmic" Michalski, featuring tracks from Myuu, Ben & Alfie, and Richard "iamqqqqqqq" Henley as well. It was released on February 15, 2016 on Steam.

It does not include "Boogeyman", the song that plays during the final scene and credits, which is a licensed, third-party track.

Track listing[]

# Name Artist Duration Description
01 Red Moon micAmic 3:44 N/A
02 The Madness - Part 1 iamqqqqqqq 2:02 N/A
03 Safehouse micAmic 3:14 N/A
04 Mushroom Adventure micAmic 3:19 N/A
05 Lost Between Floors micAmic 2:44 A, if not the, motif of Quiet Haven Hotel.
06 Shells Under the House micAmic 2:30 N/A
07 Bad Encounter Myuu 2:35 N/A
08 Over the Bridge Now Ben & Alfie 3:47 N/A
09 My Reaction micAmic 1:28 N/A
10 The Madness - Part 2 iamqqqqqqq 1:27 N/A
11 Stain on Carpet micAmic 2:14 Plays after Ivy Davis goes missing.
12 Whispers micAmic 1:08 Plays after the cat eats the key and Joe Davis is chasing him down.
13 Armor Plate micAmic 1:14 N/A
14 A Deep Voice Myuu 3:40 N/A
15 Take Me to the River micAmic 1:46 N/A
16 Ivy's Delusion micAmic 3:09 Plays after you've chosen a poison to kill the first Sophie.
17 Tarang micAmic 2:30 N/A
18 Hole in my Back micAmic 2:45 N/A
19 Angst Myuu 1:37 N/A
20 This Soup is Blood micAmic 2:47 Plays when Agnes talk to The Queen of Maggots.
21 Discoveryness iamqqqqqqq 0:58 N/A
22 Every Grain of Dirt micAmic 3:43 N/A
23 Standing by the River micAmic 1:49 Plays outside of Joe and Ivy's Dream House.
24 Bates micAmic 1:54 N/A
25 Stillness iamqqqqqqq 2:59 N/A
26 Here Comes the Ugly Monster micAmic 1:06 N/A
27 Look Out Myuu 3:44 N/A
28 Before micAmic 2:35 N/A
29 After micAmic 1:26 N/A
30 Grip Control micAmic 2:01 Plays when The Axeman is after you.
31 Knifeman of Tchev micAmic 2:32 N/A
32 Abyss of Dead Souls micAmic 3:42 N/A
33 Freaky Shit iamqqqqqqq 0:38 N/A
34 Neverglide micAmic 3:47 Starts once Joe leaves Room 666 with the fire axe with the intent to kill Inhuman Sophie.
35 Dream Within a Dream micAmic 1:02 N/A
36 Slowly Fading Away micAmic 4:33 N/A
37 Countdown Myuu 2:13 N/A
38 Sparks micAmic 4:11 Starts when Joe leaves the mirror holding Ivy's body, loops until the player reaches Doctor Z's room and bringing her back to life initially fails.
39 Ready Err Yes micAmic 3:53 N/A
40 Origin of Disorder micAmic 3:42 N/A
41 Disintegrating Myuu 4:38 N/A
42 Revelations micAmic 6:42 Starts once Joe's attempt to bring Ivy back to life initially fails, and ends before the final scene and outro, before the credits.
43 Mrs Messy micAmic 1:06 N/A
44 Spring Desert micAmic 2:48 Plays during the second half of the credits.
45 Rise and Fall Myuu 6:21 N/A
46 The Madness - Part 3 iamqqqqqqq 2:36 N/A
47 Do It Joe Davis 0:08 A royalty free sound effect used several times during cutaways. The artist being Joe Davis is a reference to The Cat Lady, where the artist of the infamous piano noise, which is included in the official soundtrack, is Susan Ashworth.

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