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Template:Character infoboxEric Ashworth is the deceased husband of Susan Ashworth. He has a minor role in The Cat Lady.


Not much is known about how Eric normally acts since he is only shown being angry in a single flashback. Eric was irritable and angry due to their poor financial situation and his cab was wrecked during a terrorist bombing. He took out his frustration on Susan and accused her of being lazy and not giving him any attention. When he is drunk, his anger only worsens.

He does state that he truly loves their daughter, and he felt so guilty over her death that he drank himself to death.


A couple of days after their daughter died from a flower pollen allergy, he left and never came back. The police found him in the woods where he had presumably drunk himself to death.  


  • Eric Ashworth is voiced by Klemens Koehring.
    • Klemens Koehring also voices Dr. Xavier Zelmann, Susan's psychiatrist.