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Dr. Frank Zellman (also spelled Dr. Frank Zelmann), known better as Doctor Z, is a major character in Downfall: Redux and a minor characters in The Cat Lady. In the real world, he is the eldest brother of Dr. Xavier Zellman and Dr. Yvonne Zellman, and the psychiatrist of Joe Davis.

However, in Quiet Haven Hotel, Joe sees his so-called "hobby"; unraveling the mysteries of the body, with Doctor Z attempting to help Joe by trying to revive Agnes, someone who he says is very important to what's going on in the hotel.


The Cat Lady[]

Doctor Z is briefly mentioned in The Cat Lady in a letter to Joe where he tries asking Joe why he hasn't been coming to his checkups recently.

Downfall: Redux[]


Related Achievements[]

Downfall: Redux
FullOfCrap.png Full Of Crap
You made Doctor Z really angry.
JustDoIt.png Just Do It
You were given a motivational speech.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In Downfall, Doctor Z was killed in real life by Joe himself in the same exact manner as seen in Quiet Haven Hotel. However, it's never even hinted at if Doctor Z actually dies during Downfall: Redux, with him not even appearing after the first half of the game, with the exception of a minor appearance during the epilogue where he chides Joe.