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Harvester Games is an independent video game developer from Poland that focuses on creating mature story-driven games, usually in the horror genre. The studio was founded solely by Remigiusz Michalski, a Polish video game developer who has been creating games professionally since the start of Harvester Games.

His brother micAmic was also involved in the founding of Harvester Games, being the composer for all the games Remigiusz makes.

Originally, Harvester Games made Downfall (a.k.a. "Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game"), a game that has since become freeware and considered abandoned. Shortly after, Harvester Games created The Cat Lady, starting a trilogy in the same universe that consists of The Cat Lady, a remake of Downfall simply titled Downfall (2016), and Lorelai, the third and last game in the trilogy.HarvesterGames-TheCatLady.png


Title Release Date Status
Downfall June 16, 2009 Released (Abandoned Freeware)
The Cat Lady December 1, 2012 Released
Downfall (2016) February 14, 2016 Released
Lorelai April 26, 2019 Released
Burnhouse Lane TBD In-development


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