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One day, I will be known as the Stephen King of video games. It’s just gonna take a lot of work to get there first!
―Remigiusz Michalski

Remigiusz Michalski, who likes to go by Rem, is the creator of Downfall, The Cat Lady, and Downfall Remake. He is a native of Poland and lived in England for 12 years, working as an auxiliary nurse. Thanks to the success of The Cat Lady, he was able to pursue a full-time career in game development in Poland. His next project is called "Lorelai", the third and last game of the trilogy "Devil Came Through here", following The Cat Lady and Downfall Remake.

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"I wanted to show that no matter what cards life deals us, there is always a way out, and it’s not suicide. There is always a reason to go on. And that if depression were to take on a human form, as in The Cat Lady, it would become both your best friend and your worst enemy…"

By, Martin Mulrooney.

"When you’re on the bottom and your life keeps crumbling and falling to pieces everything changes. Your world is black and white, filled with sadness and despair… You wish you could do something, make it better, and that’s when you’d start holding on to the silliest of delusions, looking for excuses. It’s a trap anyone could fall into."

By Martin Mulrooney.

"I never suffered from depression myself... but I noticed it very quickly becomes one of the bigger problems of our century! And the worst thing about it is you can't see it. How is anyone gonna believe you? How will you prove that something wrong is happening to you?... You can't be even sure yourself that you're ill. The nature of depression is tricky, it will deceive you, it will make you think you can't be saved and the whole world would be better off without you. So yeah, it's nasty. And I watched it for a long time. Someone very close to me has it... and it sucks. It really does."

By Ingmar Böke.

By Ingmar Böke.

By Vgtribune.

By Slowmotion.

Interviewer, David Russell Gutsche

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Remigiusz Michalski

By Makson Lima


  • According to Michalski, The Cat Lady takes place shortly before the events of Downfall, making The Cat Lady the predecessor.