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I tried calling for help, too. No one ever comes. Just the Devil.
―Joe Davis ~ The Cat Lady, Chapter 6 - "The Legend of Cat Widow"[src]

Joe Davis is the protagonist of Downfall: Redux and a minor character in the The Cat Lady. He is the husband of Ivy Davis, the older brother of Robbie Davis, and the son of Mr. & Mrs. Davis. He had a psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Zellman, who he eventually stopped visiting.


Joe Davis was born in the late 1900's in Seattle, Washington, United States, and lived there during his early childhood with his parents and younger brother Robbie until the family moved to the address 12 Helen Rd in England, United Kingdom, because of a job offer given to his father. He lived in England til adulthood, and seemingly lived there for the rest of his life.

There, Joe met a Swedish girl named Ivy, last name unknown, in front of a cafe whom he quickly became acquainted with before the two witnessed the accidental death of Robbie. Being the favorite child, Robbie's death prompted Joe's mother to commit suicide and his father to blame Joe for both tragedies, resulting in Joe's PTSD worsening even further.

Joe and Ivy later met again in their 20's and neither talked about his brother's gruesome death They fell in love and married soon after, adopting a cat named Lucifer along the way from Susan Ashworth, their next-door neighbor. Ivy suffered from eating disorders and severe self-consciousness, causing their marriage to quickly deteriorate. In an attempt to repair their relationship, Joe took Ivy to a small, country-side hotel called Quiet Haven where the events of Downfall: Redux take place.


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Related Achievements[]

Downfall: Redux]]
BadKitty.png Bad Kitty
The cat ran away from Young Joe.
MeetJoeDavis.png Meet Joe Davis
You completed the tutorial.
Asshole.png Asshole
You were really mean to Ivy.
NoisesSheMakesInTheirBed.png Noises She Makes In Their Bed
Joe plays a tune on the piano.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Joe is voiced by Jesse Gunn, who actually shares a similar background as Joe as he's a Cascadian; Gunn is originally from Idaho, and later moved to Eugene, Oregon, and Joe was originally from Seattle, Washington. Unlike Gunn, however, Joe no longer lives in Cascadia on account of his father moving the family to the UK and Joe seemingly spending the rest of his life there.
  • Unlike Joe Davis in the original Downfall, who is a born Englishman, Joe Davis in Downfall: Redux was born in Seattle, Washington, United States and later became a British citizen.
  • In The Cat Lady, Susan notes that he has several Stephen King books, including Misery, and assesses that he is a fan. His copy of Misery reappears in Downfall: Redux, where yet again something is hidden inside it.
    • Joe's gradual mental deterioration due to depression, light alcoholism, and subtle supernatural forces mirrors that of and was likely inspired by Jack Torrance, the protagonist and antagonist of the Stephen King novel The Shining.