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Laura Wood, better known as Lorelai, is the eponymous protagonist of Lorelai. Working as a Care Assistant at Pinecroft Residential Home, her mother is Miranda Wood, and her father is Bradley Wood, who died from cancer when she was 12. Soon after her father's death, her mom paired up with a psychotic, murderous Afghanistan war veteran named John, better known as The Stepfather, with whom she had Lorelai's stepsister Bethany Wood.


Lorelai is 18 by the time of Lorelai, and doesn't have much going on in her life. All her old friends are busy with their own lives, she hasn’t done much since high school, and she cannot afford to go to college. Out of a desire to leave Rosebery Lane and save Bethany from the neglectful, toxic home her mom has made with John, she gets a job at the Pinecroft Residential Home.


Related Achievements[]

AchievedNothing.png Achieved Nothing
You gave the fish to the cat...but nothing was achieved.
I'llDoIt.png I'll Do It
You agreed to wash Marjory.
MmmCoffee.png Mmm... Coffee
You took a sip of coffee!
FirstCigarette.png First Cigarette
You accepted Maria's offer to smoke...and smoke you did.
TheKitchen'sOnFire!.png The Kitchen's On Fire!
You were a nuisance to Zoe whilst she was on the toilet.
YouBelongInTheSea.png You Belong In The Sea
You threw the starfish back in the sea.
MakeHimDrinkAgain.png Make Him Drink Again
You lured Al back into his alcohol addiction!
OnTheMend.png On The Mend
You saved Al from his alcohol addiction!
Don'tFeedTheCrow.png Don't Feed The Crow
You fed the Crow 3 times...with disastrous consequences!
FirstKiss.png First Kiss
You kissed Zack!
ANewLife.png A New Life
You lit the Queen's candles...
GoodbyeLorelai.png Goodbye, Lorelai
You banished the Queen of Maggots with these very words.
RandomActOfKindness.png Random Act Of Kindness
You topped up Susan's electricity meter.