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Michal Michalski, better known by his pseudonym micAmic, is a Polish musician and the composer for Harvester Games. He has composed the soundtrack for the original Downfall (a.k.a. "Downfall - A Horror Adventure Game"), The Cat Lady, Downfall 2016, and Lorelai. He is the older brother of Remigiusz Michalski and will likely continue working with him on any future games, having produced music for his video game projects even before Downfall.

Personal life[]

He's shared his younger brother's interest in adventure games from a young age, and is in fact the one who introduced him to them. They would imagine making adventure games inspired by the ones they loved, thinking out the stories and images for them. When they were a bit older, micAmicgave his brother a disc containing an early version of AGS on it, the engine that Remigiusz would continue to use until his first commercial release Downfall, and would use for The Cat Lady and Downfall (2016) as well, before finally switching to Unity for Lorelai.

While micAmic had received proper musical education and is a professional musician, he leads a very different but rewarding and satisfactory career now. His pseudonym is pronounced "mitz-A-mitz".