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Officer Manley is a minor character in Lorelai. He was sent to Rosebery Lane with his partner to interview Lorelai and Zack about the deaths that occurred.


Officer Manley arrives to get a statement from Lorelai and Zack regarding the deaths of Lorelai's mother and stepfather. Officer Manley hears out their entire story, showing sympathy and understanding to the things they had just been through. Manley tells Lorelai to show him the bodies, and instructs Zack to stay with Beth.

Officer Manley takes Lorelai with him to see the bodies, but find that they have disappeared, with a pool of blood being all that is left. Manley clears each room of the house with Lorelai in tow, before finding the fallen body of his partner. After running up to check his partner, he is stabbed to death by the body. It is revealed to be John, who not only survived his injuries but also killed the other officer, took his clothing, and set up an ambush to murder Manley and Lorelai. Shortly after Manley slumps onto to floor, John takes his pistol and shoots Lorelai in the head, killing her a second time.