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The Pest Control Man is the second Parasites in The Cat Lady. Hired to deal with the cat problem, the Pest Control Man decides to abduct Susan Ashworth (the technical source of the problem) and take her back home with him.


The Pest Control Man is a perverted sexual predator married to an arguably more vile individual named Gladys, the third Parasite of The Cat Lady. The two of them bring people back to their home, murder them, cut up their bodies, and throw away their remains in acid baths. It is also clear that they cannibalize their victims as well. The couple also has nonhuman victims, particularly cats, which they also kill and eat.

It is apparent that the Pest Control Man molests female victims of theirs when he can. However, his wife is highly jealous of them and often tortures and mutilates them to make them unappealing to him. In Susan's case, Gladys pours bleach on her face, dissolving her eyes and disfiguring her to the point that not even the Pest Control Man will go near her.

Personality-wise, the Pest Control Man is somewhat of a simpleton. He is not particularly intelligent and driven primarily by lust, which he forcefully exerts on women. The Pest Control Man tells Susan that he likes guns a lot and collects them. He notes that he does not like how Gladys pushes him around, but seems too weak-willed to confront her about it.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Pest Control Man is voiced by David Firth, most popularly known as the creator of the psychological black comedy web series Salad Fingers, who also voiced the Pest Control Man's wife Gladys, along with Dr. Frank Zellman in Downfall 2016 along with the minor role of Greta in Lorelai.
  • He is the favorite of Remigiusz Michalski between all of the Parasites, most notably due to being played by Firth.