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Pinecroft - Residential & Nursing Care For The Elderly, or simply and more commonly Pinecroft Residential Home, is a residential housing and elderly care facility, located somewhere close-by to Rosebery Lane.


  • Mr. B - Owner & Director
  • Al Cunningham - Head Chef
  • Zoe - Senior Care Assistant
  • Maria - Care Assistant
  • Nisha - Care Assistant
  • Laura Wood - Care Assistant


  • Marjory (Deceased)
  • Dorothy
  • Alma
  • Greta (Deceased)
  • Gladys
  • Sheila
  • Irene
  • Joyce
  • June


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Known deceased patients are Beryl; who was the resident that formerly occupied Greta's room, as well as Greta herself only a few days after moving in. In Chapter 7 - "Awake", Marjory, Lorelai's favorite elderly resident, passes away shortly before Christmas at age 85.
  • The name of the last patient to the left on the upper floor, Gladys, is a reference to the character of the same name from The Cat Lady, Gladys, also known as the Pest Control Man's Wife.
    • Likewise, the patient living next to Gladys, Sheila, is another reference to The Cat Lady, in which Sheila is the name of Ann Burton's mother and an important puzzle in the second chapter.