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The events of Lorelai, chapter by chapter.

Prologue - "Rosebery Lane"[]

Something is coming. I can feel it. Even this pouring rain is trying to warn me... But I have no choice. I'll keep going back. For now. And then I'll leave Rosebery Lane forever.
―Laura Wood

Laura Wood, better known as Lorelai, is getting off the bus in front of the flat building on Rosebery Lane on a stormy night as she is Lamenting about how she can ominously "feel something coming" and wishes to leave Rosebery Lane, but most go back at least one more time. With no other choice, she steps into the building.

Chapter 1 - "The Prodigal Daughter"[]

Chapter 2 - "New Girl"[]

Chapter 3 - "A Lonely Seashore"[]

Chapter 4 - "A Second Chance"[]

The queen then shows Lorelai 3 candles, One for Bethany, One for Zach and one for her, The Queen explains that if she wants a second chance at saving Bethany and Zach, she will need to sacrifice another life in place of her own. She asks you to push 'Al', The chef from the care home, to drinking point, and suicide. Lorelai, seemingly having no other choice accepts and is told to enter the Queen Of Maggot's mirror.

Chapter 5 - "Princess of Maggots"[]

Aftern entering through the Queen of Maggot's mirror, Lorelai will find herself in Al's flat as a ghostly presence. Lorelai can choose either to help Al, or persuade him to relapse and begin drinking again. Jimmy the traveler visits Lorelai at Al'sf flat and they talk on the roof. Discussing his plan to destroy the Queen of Maggots, Lorelai admits that the plan went AWOL but still wants to destroy the Queen, asking Jimmy to come up with a plan B. Jimmy tries to persuade Lorelai not to interferre with Al's life and asks her to do him a favour and Wake him up from his sleep by going to the address 12 Helen Road, Lorelai agrees.

Chapter 6 - "The Factory"[]

Chapter 7 - "Awake"[]