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Remigiusz Michalksi is a Polish indie video game designer and programmer who produces games under the label Harvester Games. He took an interest in game design after playing adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, and messing around with an early copy of Adventure Game Studio.

He was the creator of the original Downfall, The Cat Lady, and Downfall: Redux, all of which he wrote, designed, and programmed, with the exception of Downfall which featured no programming as it was made with the base Adventure Game Studio engine. He also designed all the art for his games, with the exception of the character sprites in Downfall: Redux which were designed by artist Stefano Collavini. Remigiusz developed Lorelai, the third and final game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy, in Unity and wrote, designed, and programmed the game as well.

Personal life[]

He lived in the UK for 13 years, a reason England is a prominent location in his games. Years later he made his first commercial game, Downfall, to much surprise when he found out people liked what he did. After the original Downfall, he went on to make The Cat Lady. Thanks to the reception of both games, he managed to move back to Poland and work on games full time.

He is the husband of Agnes Surygala and the father of a son, who was born around the development of The Cat Lady. He also has a brother, micAmic, real name Michal Michalski, who has composed the music for all of his games.

Remigiusz also had a big love for drawing, which died when he "lost his favorite pencil." He is also a big fan of Stephen King, who is referenced in his games.

It was revealed on Summer 2014 that Remigiusz actually moved back to Poland and quit his day job to work on games full time, thanks to sales of the original Downfall and The Cat Lady.[1]


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