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The Beast is a monster existing in the Other World in Lorelai. A manifestation of the Wood family made from the bodies of Lorelai, Miranda, John, and a pig "mask," the creature comes to life and tries to kill Lorelai.


After dying and waking up in the Other World, Lorelai finds herself standing in a twisted copy of her bathroom that merges into an open field. Lorelai examines a door in the bathroom wrapped in chains, which has a creature grunting on the other side. After peeking through, she is violently squealed at by some sort of pig, and is further prevented from entering. After walking through the field, Lorelai finds a gated area with bloody masks (implied to be animal faces pulled off of their skulls) dangling from the metal posts.

Lorelai manages to get a pig "mask" to fall off of the gate, and takes it back with her to the bathroom. She puts it on in front of the chained door, which causes the creature on the other side to let her through. Lorelai then enters a grotesque version of her flat, cover in lots of fabric and painted in blood. She finds the decapitated bodies of herself, Miranda, and John, with the last one having a key clench tightly in its hand. Lorelai finds the heads of herself and her mother, which she puts on their respective bodies, and then puts the pig mask on the body of John. This causes the key to loosen in John's hand.

Lorelai takes the key and starts to leave, only for John's body to start convulsing violently. An eyeless version of his head sprouts out of his headless corpse, merging with the pig mask. This is followed by the upper body and head of Miranda sprouting out of John's back and Lorelai head and arms coming out of his chest. Thus, the Beast is born.

The Beast begins to chase Lorelai, who blocks her bedroom door to lock it in. However, it begins slamming against the door while squealing at her. Lorelai sets up a trap for it, using a water puddle from her bathtub and a hair-dryer plugged into an outlet to electrocute the Beast to death. After the hair-dryer shorts out, the Beast drops the key in its hand and Lorelai is able to go through the gated area.