Devil Came Through Here Wiki

These are the achievements that are currently available to be unlocked as you progress through The Cat Lady.

Main Achievements[]

Here are the achievements that Steam lets you see that can be unlocked.

Achievement Image Description
Chapter 1 Completed! Chapter1Complete Icon.png Complete the first chapter.
Chapter 2 Completed! Chapter2Complete Icon.png Complete the second chapter.
Chapter 3 Completed! Chapter3Complete Icon.png Complete the third chapter.
Chapter 4 Completed! Chapter4Complete Icon.png Complete the fourth chapter.
Chapter 5 Completed! Chapter5Complete Icon.png Complete the fifth chapter.
Chapter 6 Completed! Chapter6Complete Icon.png Complete the sixth chapter.
Chapter 7 Completed! Chapter7Complete Icon.png Complete the final chapter.

Secret Achievements[]

Here are the achievements that are not shown in Steam until they are unlocked.

Achievement Image Description
Follow the Maggots FollowtheMaggots Icon.png Trust the Queen of Maggots in Chapter 1.
I'll do it my way IllDoItMyWay Icon.png Disregard the Queen of Maggots in Chapter 1.
I Listened IListened Icon.png Answer Liz's questions correctly in Chapter 2.
The Great Reward TheGreatReward Icon.png Solve Crow's Riddle in Chapter 2.
Sharp Scratch SharpScratch Icon.png Use the spear to kill Doctor X in Chapter 2.
A Lady With A Mace ALadyWithAMace Icon.png Use the mace to kill Doctor X in Chapter 2.
Unbreakable Unbreakable Icon.png Keep your cool throughout Chapter 3.
Go Fuck Yourself GoFYourself Icon.png Stand up to Bryan in Chapter 3.
How Very Cleaver HowVeryCleaver Icon.png Stay way from Gladys' cleaver in Chapter 4.
Monster In The Fog MonsterInTheFog Icon.png Don't give up on the foggy orchard in Chapter 4.
Nettles Nettles Icon.png Choose your words carefully in Chapter 5.
You're Welcome YoureWelcome Icon.png Buy time for Jesse in Chapter 6.
Sacrifice Sacrifice Icon.png Give up your gas mask in Chapter 7.
Scared of Dying ScaredofDying Icon.png Hold tight to your gas mask in Chapter 7.
Revenge Revenge Icon.png Kill The Eye of Adam yourself in Chapter 7.
A Ruthless Killer ARuthlessKiller Icon.png Let Mitzi kill The Eye of Adam in Chapter 7.
I Care About You ICareAboutYou Icon.png Prevent Mitzi from killing The Eye of Adam in Chapter 7.
A Flower That Bent Towards The Sun AFlowerThatBentTowardsTheSun Icon.png Unlock the secret "golden ending".