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Meet me at midnight. Both of you. I will wait. Flat 5. Door will be open. Do not fear.
―The Eye of Adam ~ The Cat Lady, Chapter 6 - "The Legend of Cat Widow"

Adam, better known by his online pseudonym The Eye of Adam, is the fifth and last Parasite in The Cat Lady. He is a mysterious individual on the internet who preys on people while they are suffering to talk them into killing themselves.


Adam had been paralyzed throughout most of his life, being able to move only his left eyeball. This gradually made him hateful and bitter towards the rest of the world, leading him to prey on others suffering as he had. Using his father and a computer mouse in the form of an eye tracker, Adam created an online forum that manipulated people into killing themselves in "safe" and efficient ways. Through this, he came to be known as The Eye of Adam.

At one point, Mitzi's boyfriend Jack came upon Adam's site and was convinced by Adam to kill himself. Jack tried to get Mitzi to join him, but she refused, resulting in him breaking down and leaving her. Mitzi later found Jack's body inside his own car, with warning tape and poisonous gas with him. Because of how he hurt her, Mitzi decided to hunt down Adam and kill him for what he did to her life.

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