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I've never paid much notice to what the living call me. But there's one name the fallen ones use when I speak to them. I find it most accurate... The Queen of Maggots.
―The Queen of Maggots ~ The Cat Lady, Chapter 1 - "House in the Woods"

The Queen of Maggots, also known as the Devil, is the eponymous overarching character of the Devil Came Through Here trilogy. She is an antagonist in The Cat Lady, a minor but vital character in Downfall: Redux, and the true antagonist of Lorelai.

A mysterious old woman with the power to raise the dead, the Queen seemingly takes a particular interest in Susan Ashworth and Laura "Lorelai" Wood, offering them both a second chance at life. However, is revealed throughout each game, and the series as a whole, that she is only manipulating them to play into her game. It's likely that Susan and Lorelai are among a small handful of people to have broken free from the Queen's grasp.


The Queen of Maggots is an ancient being that has existed since long before humanity evolved. She rests in an alternate world inside of a road tunnel, feeding off of the corpses and souls of both wicked and abused individuals.

Most commonly taking the form of an old woman, later revealed to be a puppet, the Queen of Maggots is a massive, oily humanoid made of maggots and mannequin parts. "She" endlessly devours the souls of the dead, while feeding off of those belonging to the living. The Queen is essentially an avatar of all the evil and suffering in the world, and perhaps the universe, ranging from mental illness to murder and suicide. However, the Queen is not solely responsible for the pain and cruelty among human beings; rather, she merely adds fuel to the fire.

The Queen has the power to resurrect the dead; she has done so on many occasions, taking an interest in certain individuals that have been hurt far more than most but survived. She offers them "second chances" at life, usually coming at the expense of other people. However, said deals rarely work out for those involved, as greater challenges face them as they do the Queen's work. A recurring strategy involves the Queen to influence her "favorites" to become dependent and totally devoted to her.

The Cat Lady[]

Downfall: Redux[]


After having her throat slit by The Stepfather, Lorelai wakes up in the Queen's domain, who guides Lorelai to her home to talk.


Related Achievements[]

The Cat Lady
FollowTheMaggots.png Follow the Maggots
Trust the Queen of Maggots in Chapter 1.
I'llDoItMyWay.png I'll Do It My Way
Disregard the Queen of Maggots in Chapter 1.
Downfall: Redux
RealName.png Lorelai
You persuaded the Queen of Maggots to say her name.
GoodbyeLorelai.png Goodbye, Lorelai
You banished the Queen of Maggots with these very words.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Queen of Maggots is voiced by Margaret Cowen in all of her appearances.
  • The Queen of Maggots is technically an artifact character from Downfall—the first game ever produced by Harvester Games—as a character of the same name, The Queen of Maggots. While the character has several similarities, The Queen of Maggots takes a much more prominent role in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy (The Cat Lady, Downfall: Redux, Lorelai) than in the original Downfall, and is much more human and natural in appearance than her Downfall counterpart. The Queen of Maggots from Downfall is also, much like the rest of Downfall, not canon to the Devil Came Through Here trilogy.
    • Due to this, The Queen of Maggots has appeared in the most games alongside Joe Davis, as both of them have existed since Downfall.
  • God, the Devil, and Death are common nicknames for her. While she claims that she is none of those things in The Cat Lady, the fact that she's a goddess of decay and deception makes this a very unreliable source.
    • "The Devil" and "Strange Old Lady" are her most common nicknames in all three games in the trilogy, with both names being used at least once in The Cat Lady, Downfall: Redux, and Lorelai.