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Zack is a character in Lorelai. He is Laura "Lorelai" Wood's kindly neighbor and potential love interest.


Zack is an independent game developer, living in a small flat on Roseberry Lane. Zack has had little success overall in his sales, though he seems to live relatively well despite his small income. His most successful game, a first-person zombie shooter, was universally panned, though it sold over ten thousand units in the first week, temporarily giving him a small fortune.

Related Achievements[]

TheDogGentleman.png The Dog Gentleman
You asked Zack about the games he made.
IceCubes.png Ice Cubes
You continued to ask Zack about the games he made.
FirstKiss.png First Kiss
You kissed Zack!
ANewLife.png A New Life
You lit the Queen's candles...

Behind the Scenes[]


  • He is a fan of Game of Thrones, mentioning having binge-watched three episodes while waiting for Lorelai to leave for her first day of work. Zack is also a fan of Breaking Bad, owning a limited-edition replica of the beanie worn by deuteragonist Jesse Pinkman, which he wears most of the time.
  • Him developing a multiplayer-only survival video game but being beaten at release by Facepunch Studios' Rust some time before the events of Lorelai confirms that Lorelai takes place in or after 2014, as Rust was released on December 11, 2013.
  • He's invested a lot of time in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, mentioning it when Lorelai asks him if he's ever lockpicked a door before.